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Director – Shane Adamson
Adamson Town Planning Pty Ltd
ACN 73 163 798 374

About Us

Much of Shane’s professional life has been spent working for local government, mostly in the area of development assessment from both a civil engineering and town planning perspective. Prior to this Shane worked as a civil design draftsperson and undertook construction and maintenance works for various local authorities. Shane has a good understanding of how local government operates, the need for good governance, and the importance of being open and transparent.  

Since leaving local government in 2008, having been the Manager Land Use at Noosa Council since 2000, Shane worked for a local town planning consultancy on the Sunshine Coast as the Planning Appeals Specialist. This work primarily involved providing expert opinion in the Planning and Environment Court, the Land Court and the Queensland Development Tribunal, as well as providing higher order town planning advice for development proposals. Shane became a Director of the firm in 2010.

Adamson Town Planning was established in 2013. Shane has a passion for appeal work and has acted as an expert witness in a number of appeals lodged with the Planning and Environment Court, Land Court and Supreme Court and the Queensland Development Tribunal (refer Clients and Projects). Being an experienced expert witness means that Shane understands his role in the appeal process and with respect to meeting his obligations to assist the Court. Shane is acutely aware of one’s duty to the Court, which is premised on the planning merit of any proposal.

Some of the consultancy work undertaken has involved assisting local government with the assessment of large scale, complex and controversial development applications. This has also been in the form of consultancy contracts for the general assessment of development applications and assisting with remedying compliance matters.  
Adamson Town Planning provides specialised advice to local government, the development industry, applicants, community groups, property owners and submitters to development applications. Shane has acted for a number of local authorities in the Planning and Environment Court, Land Court, Supreme Court and the Development Tribunal. Work undertaken for the development industry has been across a broad range of land use types, including residential, tourist accommodation, commercial, retail, industry, extractive industry. Often these developments are on land that is constrained or has particular character and amenity issues to be considered.
Shane holds a Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering) and a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning and has qualifications in dispute resolution.  Shane was appointed as a General Referee for the Queensland Development Tribunal (formerly the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee) since 2012 and has acted as a General Referee for many appeals lodged, including being the Chairperson for the Development Tribunal.

Shane considers himself to be a professional person of good character and having a high level of credibility. Shane is approachable and friendly and welcomes the opportunity to provide higher order town planning advice at a reasonable cost.

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