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Adamson Town Planning assists local government by providing expert opinion for court matters, peer review of development applications and also with local government consultancy contracts. The local government consultancy contracts are primarily in the area of development assessment but also includes policy formation and review and assistance in a management capacity. 

Other clients include the development industry primarily with respect to the preparation, lodgement and management of development applications, which have planning merit and provide community benefit. 

Adamson Town Planning also assists not for profit organisations such as schools and community groups. This work extends to the preparation of requests for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation to provide certainty about the provision of community infrastructure for schools generally under a master plan. 

Other clients include submitters to development applications, where advice is provided about the merits of a proposal or identifying key town planning issues that might be cause for concern. 

While Adamson Town Planning is based in Noosa, the firm undertakes work across the state by providing higher order town planning advice to a range of clients.  



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