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The Sunshine Coast has come a long way in recent decades. From a series of sleepy coastal towns, the region has become a thriving urban network with world-class developments, infrastructure and facilities. One of the primary reasons for this successful transformation is the work of expert town planners on the Sunshine Coast.

Adamson Town Planning is a leading example, providing practical advice and solutions that help bring developments to life, ensure council requirements are satisfied and facilitate the continued prosperity and fantastic lifestyle the region is known for.

Any large-scale construction or engineering project on the Sunshine Coast requires local government approval. Developers are legally obliged to meet the guidelines, rules and regulations set by these councils. These are generally quite stringent to ensure maximum public benefit for residents and visitors alike.

As local councils are primarily concerned with how a development will maximise benefit to the community and developers are focused on timely, cost effective construction, it is inevitable that the two parties will, at times, disagree. When these situations arise, as they frequently do, they require the mediation of expert town planners on the Sunshine Coast. Adamson Town Planning offer this and many other service besides, and are dedicated to applying our expertise to achieve outcomes that benefit all parties.

Our services are the most comprehensive of all town planners on the Sunshine Coast and include:

• Expert Witness

• Dispute Resolution and Mediation

• Development Applications

• Development Assessment

• Due Diligence
• Compliance Assessment

• Highest and Best Use of Land Assessment
• Strategic Policy Review
• System and Process Reviews

• Project Management
• General Development Advice

Effective town planning requires intimate knowledge of the structure and procedures of local government in addition to a sound understanding of development processes. After many years as a senior officer in local government and consultancy work, Shane Adamson is well versed in all these areas and specialises in practical solutions. All of the services undertaken by Adamson Town Planning are done so with a passion and dedication unique amongst town planners on the Sunshine Coast and have resulted in fantastic outcomes for their many clients.

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