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Services Provided

Adamson Town Planning provides practical advice and solutions that help bring developments to life. Development proposals are required to satisfy outcomes under planning schemes and where necessary demonstrate there are relevant matters that warrant approval. Adamson Town Planning has a good understanding of how local government works in particular with respect to the implementation of planning schemes and achieving high quality outcomes.

Local government is primarily concerned with how development meets the relevant performance outcomes for the general wellbeing of the local community. It is a case of ensuring the appropriate balance is struck between the scale and intensity of development, the character and amenity of an area, protection of environmental values and the economic benefits that would be provided.

It is inevitable that parties will disagree at times about aspects of a development proposal. When these situations arise, expert town planners such as Adamson Town Planning can assist with dispute resolution. Adamson Town Planning offers this and many other services and is dedicated to applying local knowledge and experience to achieve outcomes that benefit both clients and the general community.

Adamson Town Planning primarily provides specialist services in the following areas:

• Expert opinion in the Planning & Environment Court, Land Court, Supreme Court and Queensland Development Tribunal

• Preparation, lodgement and management of development applications for applicants, including business owners, the development industry, community groups and local government

• Preparation, lodgement and management of infrastructure designations for schools and other community facilities

• Assisting local government with the assessment of large scale and often controversial development applications, which usually generate a considerable amount of public interest and a large number of submissions

• Evaluation of the highest and best use of land generally for valuation purposes, and matters in the Land Court

• Due diligence, providing advice about the level of compliance with the planning scheme and existing development approvals

• Assisting local government with compliance assessment including auditing existing development against current development approvals and the planning scheme

• Strategic policy review and assistance with the preparation of planning schemes and planning scheme policies

• Assistance with dispute resolution for development related matters

• General advice about development matters


Effective town planning requires an intimate knowledge of the structure and procedures of local government as well as a sound understanding of development assessment and appeal processes. After many years as a senior officer in local government and working as a consultant, Shane Adamson is well versed in all these areas and specialises in providing higher order town planning advice and practical solutions. All services offered by Adamson Town Planning are undertaken with passion and dedication which results in the achievement of fantastic planning outcomes for clients.

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